Why we made it?

All These Flowers is a labor of love and a commitment to all those who have been labelled with a not-so-clearly-defined mental illness. The film is a witness of the life and struggle of those who have been diagnosed with the illness and it is the story of their triumph over the stigma, maltreatment, and the identity associated with it.

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Finding the flowers

How did we find 6 people to tell their story? It came from friendships. Timothy Taylor was a close friend of the crew and was the first to agree to join the effort. Mother Nicole was another close friend and put us in touch with Bonnie Love. 

From there we reached out far and wide, pursuing a national demographic of people from differing age groups, family structures, and treatment strategies. We asked friends, made cold calls, and conducted interviews until we found a diverse and honest group. 

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Kevin Bryce, Director

Born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada--I have worked and pursued film and video production for 10 years. Now based in Kanas City, I'm moved with a desire to tell tough stories driven by human struggle. In 2013, I directed the award winning documentary We Are Superman, a film looking at a historic racial and economic dividing line in Kansas City, exploring why segregation still exists in cities throughout the United States. 

All These Flowers is my second documentary feature. It comes from a personal struggle with depression and mood instability. As I began to pursue a proper diagnosis, the term Bipolar 2 Disorder was coming to light. So I wanted to ask the question: If I am diagnosed, how will society receive me? All These Flowers is the answer to that question.